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hip opening stretches to prevent injury

Hip Stretches for Pain

Hip Stretches for Pain Damon demonstrates hip stretches for pain that may help you avoid hip injury, more hip pain, and potential future hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery is one of the foremost orthopedic surgeries in the U.S.Ā  This…

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leg workout routine, building lower body strength

Leg Workout Routine

More Muscle. You can find studies showing that Squats & Deadlifts increase the release of Growth Hormone & Testosterone more than any other exercise. These are natural muscle building hormones. 2. Bigger Upper-body. Squats & Deadlifts work your whole body,…

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Is antiperspirant unhealthy

Aluminum in Deodorant – Antiperspirant and Cancer

Aluminum in Deodorant – Do a google search for “antiperspirant and cancer” the initial results could make you dismiss the concept as completely unfounded, prompted only by an internet rumor. But dig a little deeper and you may think twice….

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testosterone, good posture, peak performance push through the pain

Good Running Posture – Arm Technique

Good Running Posture – Specifically Proper Arm Technique for Runners Components of good running posture include: Good upper body/lower body coordination, Cadence, Good Posture and Flexibility: You need to have it, in your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. They all…

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Best bodyweight exercises for upper body strength

3 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Upper Body Strength

Best Bodyweight Exercises Old School is now the new school. It seems that body weight exercises are the new fad. You ask why? Because it is functional training that impacts your daily life and athletic performance immediately. Bodyweight exercises teach…

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