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Take the Souletics® 40 Day Health Challenge!

Take the Souletics® 40 Day Health Challenge!

Health Challenge The Souletics® 40 Day Challenge is designed to jump start your health and wellness and help you in developing good habits, which will grow into a lifestyle if maintained long enough. For a period of 40 days, your…

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Green Smoothie Recipe

Quick & Healthy Breakfast: The Green Smoothie

The Green Smoothie I know, I know, green and beverage don’t create the most appealing combination, but trust me, this will start your morning right!  Not only will it give you a powerful boost of energy, but your digestive system,…

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superfood bone broth

Home Remedies: Bone Broth Recipe – Superfood

Bone Broth Recipe Bone broth has been enjoyed for centuries by many cultures, and with great wisdom.  With quality ingredients and the right preparation, it rightfully lives up to “super food” status, as its healing properties simply cannot be beat….

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Guide to Diet Plans

Diet Plans Explained

Diet Plans Fad diets have been around for a while now, coming and going with their promises of quick weight loss.  Some of them work quite well, at least for achieving a particular aesthetic look, while others may actually be…

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meaning of souletics

Definition of Souletics – True Athlete Performance

True Athlete Performance Definition of Souletics: noun \ soul – athletic\ Souletics is the combining of two words soul and athletic. Souletics is having the mind, body and soul in harmony. It is the consistent acknowledgment and active work feeding…

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