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health risks of energy drinks

The Health Risks of Energy Drinks: Bad for the Mind, Body and Soul?

Health Risks of Energy Drinks Concerns over the harmful effects of energy drinks have grown just as fast as the companies themselves.Ā  5-Hour Energy, Monster Energy, Red Bull and Rockstar Energy Drinks only name a few – the number of…

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what is complementary medicine

Complementary Medicine (Alternative Medicine)

Complementary medicine is alternative medicine used together with conventional medical treatment. “CAM” is the abbreviation for complementary and alternative medicine. Integrative medicine is the combination of the practices and methods of alternative medicine with conventional medicine. Examples of alternative medicine…

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erectile dysfunction

Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Prevent Hair Loss Naturally For many, hair loss can be a difficult thing. While some are blessed with beautiful heads that look even better bald, other people may not want be so lucky, or they just enjoy having a head…

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