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how to cope with emotional pain

6 Ways to WIN when Coping with Emotional Pain and Tragic Circumstances: Overcoming Depression

Coping with Emotional Pain 6 ways to WIN when coping with emotional pain and tragic circumstance. Special Thanksgiving Blog! Thank You for reading! Forgive – Whenever we deal with something difficult, be it a loss of a person, relationship, loss…

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when to see a doctor

5 Reasons to go to the Doctor

Reasons to go to the Doctor Souletics is a complementary health care company with the purpose to empower people with relevant, simple to read information that can help inform their health care decisions. While we believe in natural methods &…

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skincare benefits of emu oil

Natural Skin Care: Benefits of EMU Oil

Benefits of EMU Oil Trying to find a good moisturizer can be challenging, and more like an experiment at times. There are plenty of commercial brands that make some pretty tempting claims, but when you look closely at the list…

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Benefits of Dark Chocolate: A Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Benefits of Dark Chocolate Every chocolate lover needs a good reason to indulge a bit this holiday season, so here it is.  Studies have shown that cocoa in its raw powder form have incredible antioxidant properties. A study in 2003…

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healthy moms breastfeeding

Breast Feeding and Parenting: A Healthy Momma Knows Best

Benefits of Breast feeding As I become more in tune with my children I can appreciate the details in which they communicate what they need and how my wife responds. However, having spoken with numerous men who have been left…

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