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fluoride in tap water

Fluoride and Its Harmful Affects – Is fluoride bad?

Is fluoride bad The U.S Government has been putting fluoride in the water since 1950’s stating that it prevented tooth decay. Its amazing how we are programmed – I remember as a child going to the grocery store and my…

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Married: 5 Benefits of Sex

5 Benefits of Sex Sex Benefits – Exercise: If you’re looking to lose a little weight, burns some calories and strengthen your hip muscles, sex is a healthy option compared to spending twenty minutes on the treadmill. Sex Benefits –  Better…

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how to immediately improve your health

2 Essential Things to Immediately Improve Your Health

Improve Your Health Maybe your new year’s resolution is to lose weight and get healthy.  Or you’ve said every week for the past 6 months that “starting Monday” you’re going on a diet.  Well, here are 2 things you can…

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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes without Drugs

Diabetes: An Exercise Program and Proper Diet May Help you Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in your thirties can be devastating. This is supposed to be your bling years, the years when you finally see your life going in the direction you dreamed of. But that’s exactly what happened…

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