Best bodyweight exercises for upper body strength

3 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Upper Body Strength

by / 0 Comments / October 14, 2013

Best Bodyweight Exercises

Old School is now the new school. It seems that body weight exercises are the new fad. You ask why? Because it is functional training that impacts your daily life and athletic performance immediately. Bodyweight exercises teach the body how to hold it’s weight properly. We don’t move like machines and our bodies don’t behave like machines. Weight machines do serve a purpose but implementing bodyweight exercises into your fitness routine would be wise.

Damon demonstrates the best bodyweight exercises for building upper body strength.

If you’re looking to increase upper body strength, there’s no avoiding push ups!  Push ups are the best exercises for chest strength, but it helps to learn pushup variations and how to do a push up properly before you begin.


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