Healthy Alternative Beverages

5 Healthy Beverages: Healthy Alternative to Soda and Alcohol

by / 0 Comments / October 15, 2013

Healthy Beverages

If you’re struggling to lose those extra pounds due to an over abundance of sugary or alcoholic drinks in your diet, we have five alternatives for your consideration.

Ideally the majority of liquids consumed on a daily basis should be clean pure water.  But if you’re hooked on the enjoyment a flavored beverage provides, take a look at our list and see if you’re up for something new!

Healthy Alternative to Soda: Hooked on Soda?
Try mineral water… spruce it up with fresh lemon, a drop or cucumber slices or a few crushed mint leaves.

Alternatives to Alcohol: Kick the Wine Coolers
Most commercial wine coolers have a slew of additives that can weigh you down and damage your body.  While a glass of white or red wine, ideally organic, can be beneficial to your blood, sometimes you may want the fruity taste of a wine cooler.

If wine coolers are more your speed, or if you’re just looking for a refreshing alcoholic drink to serve guests, try blending a fruity white wine with fresh fruit and a splash of a good vodka.  Serve over ice and top with a splash more of wine, and voila!  If vodka is too strong, try a little sparkling mineral water for a refreshing twist.

Alternatives to Alcohol: Instead of Belly Fattening Beer
Many brand name lagers are made with industrial strength chemicals, like formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol (an ingredient found in anti-freeze), so-called “caramel coloring” that is actually made from ammonia and classified as a carcinogen, sulfites and anti-microbial preservatives that have been linked to allergies and asthma, petroleum based additives, not to mention MSG and other genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

As an alternative, try whole gingerroot, or try to find a trusted local microbrewery who is up front about what they put in their brew and enjoy in moderation.

Healthy Beverages: Overdoing it on Lemonade or Fruit Juice?
Try a homemade smoothie blend with banana, strawberries, apple and a little coconut oil

Electrolyte Enhanced Sports Drinks
Many commercial sports drinks are very unhealthy, filled with GMO ingredients and additives, and they simply don’t provide the minerals your body needs after a good sweaty workout.  Replace your favorite sports drink with coconut water, which is a powerhouse of natural electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants.

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