How to spice up your sex life

5 Must Do’s to Improve your Sex Life

by / 0 Comments / December 19, 2013

Improve Sex Life

Physical intimacy is an essential part of a healthy relationship. But sometimes it can be hard to keep the flame going after you’ve become comfortable, after the ups and downs of marriage, or when it takes a little more effort to keep things spicy.

Improve Sex Life: Here are 5 essential keys for keeping the flame going and getting your sex life hotter than ever… from a man’s point of view.

  1. Call her by her name often and passionately. This will keep reminding her how excited you are and that she is the one getting you going.
  2. When she is ready to make it happen, you better be ready!  Give her the impression that you’re ready for action in sync with her libido.  This will give her increased confidence to keep coming back for more.
  3. nstead of offering constructive criticism, tell her how great it was and the next day ask when you can have some more of the dessert you had the previous day. This will increase her sexual confidence, leaving no doubts in the connection she has with you.
  4. Cuddle …. Yes fellas I said cuddle, nothing makes a woman feel better than a little snuggle time after a romp in the sack! A little cuddle time will reduce any chances for a dry spell, if you know what I mean.
  5. If you really want to be the man…instead of falling asleep, how about letting her fall asleep while you give her a massage.

Fellas if you follow these simple steps you’re sure to avoid dry nights or blue bowling balls.  Thanks for the read!

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