All Natural Personal Care Products

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Natural Personal Care Products

In this day and age it takes a bit of effort to avoid toxins, free-radicals, and just plain negative energy.  In fact, we’ve become so used to the hum of fluorescent lighting and the smell of cleaning products that we almost don’t even notice that they surround us day in and day out.  These small annoyances may seem harmless, but they compound in such a way that they can add a great deal of stress to our bodies without us even realizing the war that’s been waged internally.

Obviously we can’t control every environment we enter. Unless we want to completely abandon modern civilization, there will always be an amount of toxicity that we’ll simply have to manage in our lives.  But one small thing that can make a big difference is changing our cleaning and personal care products.

Does this mean now you have to shop at specialty stores and spend three times as much for cleaning and personal care products labeled “organic” or “all natural”?  Absolutely not.  Especially because the FDA doesn’t regulate these products in the same way it regulates food (and you may have noticed by now it doesn’t exactly do such a great job in the food area, either), so most likely the products that you think are “all natural” still contain synthetic ingredients that you can’t pronounce and surely wouldn’t want to eat.  But for some reason we think putting something on our skin is different.

It’s not.  Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and whatever you put on it gets absorbed into your body – often even faster than when you eat it.  There’s a reason smokers rely on nicotine patches to help them quit smoking.  So even though you wouldn’t like the taste, you might as well be eating your skin and personal care products, because they all wind up in the same place.

In this post we’ll highlight some simple recipes for some really great skin care products.  In another, we’ll cover household cleaning products.  Both are a simple way to keep your budget under control, and begin to transform your home in the sanctuary you need so that your body will routinely get some time away from the chaos of toxins that await you once you step outside your door.

Making these in batches to use each month is the simplest way to go.  But if you just don’t have the time or desire to whip up your own personal care products, here are a few sites that offer “green” personal care products at decent prices:

  • Keys Care – full line of skincare products
  • Agbanga Karite – for fair trade shea butter and African black soap


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