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Natural Remedies for Crohn’s Disease

by / 4 Comments / January 28, 2015

Natural Remedies for Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease belongs to a group of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) that affect the gastrointestinal tract.  It is a chronic inflammatory condition with no known medical cure. The Natural Remedies for Crohns Disease require your discipline but the good news they work.

People who suffer from Crohn’s disease may struggle with persistent diarrhea, rectal bleeding, urgent bowel movements, abdominal cramps, constipation, fever, loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss.  This often occurs in periods of onset and offset (remission).

Because Crohn’s Disease can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract, not just the bowel, it can be much more severe than Irritable Bowel Syndrome or some of the other Inflammatory Bowel Disorders.  It can also affect the entire thickness of the bowels, not just the inner lining.  Severe cases of Crohn’s Disease can be terminal, causing a literal wasting away of the person whose body is simply unable to absorb the nutritional content of the food they consume.

Conventional treatments for Crohn’s include medications that suppress the immune system and decrease symptoms, or maintain periods of remission.  Dietary changes and proper nutrition are often encouraged by doctors, but most recommendations simply revolve around consuming soft, bland foods, or restricting dairy consumption.  Approximately 70% of people who suffer from Crohn’s disease will require surgery at some point, removing diseased portions of the GI tract and reconnecting the healthy bowels.  Even after surgery, Crohn’s will recur later in life for most patients.

Additionally, people who suffer from Crohn’s may also suffer from arthritis and eczema, as they are closely related.

The good news is that many Crohn’s patients report tremendous results with simple diet and lifestyle changes.  Specifically, foods to avoid with crohn’s disease, vitamin recommendations and other important factors:

  • Increasing intake of anti-inflammatory foods, including coconut products, berries, whey protein from grass-fed cows & goats, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary and oregano
  • Consuming naturally fermented foods and high quality probiotics
  • Consuming daily doses of homemade bone broth to help heal intestinal tract and restore lost minerals
  • Increasing vitamin D intake
  • Avoiding all yeast products
  • Avoiding refined sugar and  gluten containing grains (ie. wheat, barley, rye, oats, kamut, & spelt)
  • Avoiding soy products and peanuts
  • Limiting or avoiding eggs and heavy proteins

Because Crohn’s disease is a disorder of the digestive system, natural treatments revolve around healing the digestive tract.  Many people who suffer from IBD and Crohn’s report doing well with the GAPS diet or SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet).  For more detail on how to heal the digestive tract, read “The Amazing ‘Cure-All’ Healing Diet.”

More recently, studies have begun to reveal that the medical use of cannabis has shown extremely effective in the treatment of bowel disorders, even severe cases of Crohn’s Disease.  For more information, read this testimonial of a woman who claims to have cured her terminal Crohn’s Disease by making her own cannabis oil supplements.


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