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Benefits of being in nature: Workout routines for the outdoors

by / 0 Comments / June 2, 2015

Going to your local gym can be easy, well structured and full of people you know. But sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and let nature be our gym. I have found that I often have a skin glow and more energy after being outside and completing a small workout. It may take a little creativity, but a change in pace can be rewarding and  great for the mind, body and soul. Listed below are several ways to create your outdoor fitness routine and have a little fun in the process.

Outdoor  Workout Routines – Handstand: Try a handstand against a tree and hold it the for as long as possible, if you find that to easy try attempting handstand pushups.

Outdoor  Workout Routines – Run the hill: Are you located near hills attempt to run or jog up the hill. If you find that is not enough try 4 – 7 sets.

Outdoor  Workout Routines – Do a 60 second tree squat: Put your back against it, and bend your knees ad hips to 90 degrees.

Outdoor  Workout Routines – Pushups: Implement pushups after every exercise. After running the hill do pushups.

Outdoor  Workout Routines – Obstacle course: Many parks have obstacle courses, try to complete the course in a certain time.

Outdoor  Workout Routines – Lunges: You can do lunges anywhere, attempt to do 50 consecutive lunges.

Outdoor  Workout Routines – Walk across a log. Experiment with balancing on the log or walking across it.

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