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Being a top three sport high school athlete, a Division I All League Football and Track Athlete  and a two sport professional athlete I have been asked to try a variety of supplements. I can firmly say I was never someone that like supplements of any kind. When I rarely tried a supplement product  I never experienced any impact.  And I certainty witnessed the negative outcomes of those that used banned substances like steroids.  At 45 I am still strong, explosive, athletic with a healthy body and no chronic issues from cutting corners.  One of the sure signs of lack of supplementation or steroid use is a breaking down of the body. Joint issues are very common for those that use steroid products.

I have always believed in the right way of doing things athletically and that is proven natural methods that improve your overall health. Rather than some quick fix that makes you feel good or gives you the impression that your testosterone is increasing. Often many products are stuffed with aphrodisiacs that give you that false feeling of increased testosterone.

Being an athlete I was never someone that talked much or trashed other athletes. I just went about my business.  And I want to take the same approach here. I just want to give you the right information so you can do the work and take action.

BEST TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER – If you want the best testosterone booster, your product will need to contain the following ingredients, at the right amounts. This is a cumulation of research from years of being an elite athlete along with research by Dr. Mercola of Mercola Health and other good sites like anabolic men. Yes I am telling you some of my sources and possibly allowing you to go to a competitor. Low testosterone is an epidemic that is affecting our lives, families, businesses and our world. We simply want to give people the information and nutrients to run the race of life to win.

Lastly micro nutrient deficiency is one of the reasons men are having so many health issues by solving this simple problem many will see some improvement in energy levels, increased libido and higher testosterone.

Every product should contain at least 7 of the aforementioned ingredients.

  • Ingredients that reduce cortisol: Cortisol(Stress) plays a huge role in low testosterone Ashwaghanda, Phosphatidylserine (PS), Vitamin C, Vitamin, E, Omega 3 fats
  • Ingredients that promote testosterone production – Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, B12, B3, B6, B5, Sun Exposure – Vitamin D
  • 7 of The Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies – Vitamin K2, Vitamin A, Iodine, Calcium, Iron, Choline
  • Probiotics are central to optimal health – most testosterone booster do not contain the material strains, so you will most likely need a another product or fermented food to give your body what it needs to perform.

Notice that the list does not contain slick herbs or new synthetic substances that do not have substantial research. This is not to say that many herbs do not work but if one is micronutrient deficient herbs will only work for so long or not at all. We want to give you the information to take the right actions which will result in increased testosterone levels.

This is why we have Super Male Optimizer which has 11 of the mentioned vitamins and minerals.

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Here is a small list of other  testosterone boosters that are worth taking look  – Testro X , NugenixTest Worx

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