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after antibiotics, benefits of probiotics, antibiotics overprescribed - how to heal naturally from antibiotics

Benefits of Probiotics: Heal After Antibiotics

Benefits of Probiotics – Probiotics and Antibiotics: Healing Yourself! Heal After Antibiotics: Antibiotics are one of the most commonly prescribed treatments in the United States.  Public health officials have been protesting this for years, urging doctors to lessen their dependence…

5 Comments / November 6, 2016

how to get rid of acne for good without drugs or harsh creams

How To Get Rid of Acne – For Good!

If you have acne, you’re likely consumed with thoughts of how to get rid of acne, and how to get rid of it for good! If your son or daughter struggles with acne, you’re no doubt heart broken by the…

0 Comments / May 12, 2016

money drives the push for more vaccines

Vaccines and Autism – 5 Reasons to DECLARE WAR for your CHILD: Dog’s life over child’s life

Vaccines and Autism You may have read our post about the puzzling epidemic of autism among Somali refugee children in Minnesota.  If so, you’ll get a better understanding about the role vaccines could potentially play in the rising phenomena of…

0 Comments / April 28, 2016

sour gummies recipe

Super Yummy Sour Punch Gummies – GAPS Sweets!

These sweet and sour gummy “candies” were a GAPS life saver in my house!  They are 100% GAPS legal (even Intro legal!), 100% delicious, and they even provide a little extra collagen and protein for your body to enjoy.  But…

0 Comments / February 5, 2015

Do Vaccines cause Autism?

Vaccines and Mercury – Autism and African Children: Can we learn something?

Vaccines and Mercury As Somali Refugees migrated to Minnesota, educator Anne Harrington noticed a peculiar trend of Somali children popping up with autism.  Of course the Minnesota Somali community were very aware of this disturbing trend, and many Somali mothers…

0 Comments / January 26, 2015

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