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Our NEW Comic Strip: “Choices”

The all new “Choices” comic strip is home to the GAME OF CHOICES II characters and personalities. If you enjoy comic strips about real life adventures, crazy circumstances and life curve balls, this is your comic strip!

Race-based issues are growing, complex, hypocritical, evolving and, unfortunately, the media’s coverage of them isn’t all that honest. Gone are the days when acts of discrimination were blatant and intentional. Today they’re often packaged in a maze of discrete, unintentional, and intentional actions that can be labeled passive aggressive, manipulative, oppressive and just not good for peace and equality. Experiences of discrimination are often subtle rather than blatant, and the exact reason for unfair treatment is often not clear to the victim.

Becoming a physic mind reading HR representative seems like the only solution.

Blatant actions with hidden meanings is the world we live in.

Politics is more like polluting your mind by motivational speakers that focus on the subject of crossword puzzles. What?  Exactly.  If you watch politics you’ll get just enough information to leave you confused. Some make a living defending and making sense of the nonsense. But their translations still sound like the words of Sméagol, or more appropriately “Gollum”.

Often success is not based on complicated solutions, but rather simple methodologies and decisions that are made over and over again. With all the nonsense in the world we still have two things… choices and decisions!

Steven Spielberg said, “The most amazing thing for me is that every single person who sees a movie, not necessarily one of my movies, brings a whole set of unique experiences. Now, through careful manipulation and good storytelling, you can get everybody to clap at the same time, to hopefully laugh at the same time, and to be afraid at the same time.”

Thus you have the iOS App GAME OF CHOICE II “The Ultimate Career Test” and Choices the Comic Strip. I hope you enjoy!

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