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ED In Young Men: Erectile Dysfunction the Mind, Body, Soul Connection

by / 0 Comments / April 2, 2013

ED In Young Men

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We hear quite a bit nowadays about male impotence, which is what it was called years ago when it wasn’t such a widespread issue.  Now that pretty much every bothersome human condition ends with “ism,” “disorder,” or “dysfunction,” we’ve become accustomed to a less offensive title for a particularly serious problem.

I haven’t researched the origins of this new label, “erectile dysfunction,” but I’m willing to bet it was concocted (excuse the pun) by a pharmaceutical marketing firm hoping to reassure men that impotence is a very common nuisance which can be easily remedied by none other than a prescription drug.

Apparently it’s not enough that American babies spend 9 months in wombs that are constantly bombarded with toxins, feed off of their mothers’ pesticide and GMO filled diets, then enter the bright lights of a hospital delivery room in a haze of narcotics, analgesics and anesthetics, only to be bottle fed baby formula manufactured by the same corporations that create antidepressants and other unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs.  Now we can start a pharmaceutical addiction at the very moment of conception!

I do understand that in this day and age, sex is more recreation than it is procreation.  And sexual virility is a critical part of the male psyche.  But virility that’s propped up by a pill is not doing any man a favor. It only provides him with a false sense of masculinity and dependency on a pharmaceutical crutch.

For obvious reasons, fertility is critical to the survival of every species, and the seriousness of this issue should not be diminished.  According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, however, it’s not only humans facing a decline in fertility, but also other mammals.

Other issues affecting the health of the American male have yet to receive the same national attention. For example, the average sperm count of today’s adult male is about 50 percent lower than it was 50 years ago. Infertility rates among American couples now approach 25 percent, a heartbreaking situation that can be partially explained by lower sperm counts and decreased viability of the sperm. These changes parallel the findings seen in other mammalian species, including lowered fertility rates, decreased sperm counts and anatomical changes in the male reproductive organs.

Clearly, environmental changes that have accelerated during the past 40 to 50 years affect the reproductive health of males of different species. Exogenous estrogens in our environment undoubtedly contribute to the feminization of males in many mammalian species, as well as the lowered sperm counts of the American male.

Nutrition, Environment and Impotence(Natural ed cures)

The dilemma of male impotence is a complex issue and cannot be blamed any one factor.  As stated above, estrogens have become more prevalent in our environment due to the chemicals we use in food packaging and processing, such as bottled water, pharmaceuticals and contraceptives.  The heavy use of soy in the American diet over the past twenty years – especially as added to baby formula – has also created much higher levels of estrogen in our males.

Mineral depletion of our food supply is also a large contributor to the decline in testosterone.  Men need fat soluble vitamins A and D to produce testosterone out of cholesterol; however, the low fat and fat free food movements have resulted in heavy uses of unhealthy vegetable oils that do not provide such fats, and create additional problems with trans fats that interfere with the production of testosterone.  The best foods to increase a man’s fertility are high quality pastured red meats, wild seafood – especially oysters, butter from pastured cows, and eggs (with the yokes!) from pastured chickens.  Cod liver oil is probably the perfect supplement to support a man’s sexual health, as it contains vitamins A, D, E, iron, zinc and Omega 3 fats.

A Man’s Soul Health

Yet another piece of the erectile dysfunction puzzle resides in the soul. Again quoting the Weston A. Price Foundation,

…The level of potency is intimately related to the emotional, or soul health, of the man, as well as his overall physical vigor. When a boy or man suffers undue pressures on his emotional life, either through childhood traumas, repressed feelings or the everyday strains of life in modern America, his emotional balance and sexual ability may suffer.

Great point.  But typically when we talk about these “everyday strains of life in modern America,” some very unhealthy aspects of our culture get overlooked.  Today’s “modern woman” is much more provocative and promiscuous than she ever has been in years past.  Many people assume this creates a hyper-sexual man who wants to molest or rape every scantily clad woman he encounters.  But I believe that what I term our “stripper culture” actually has a reverse effect on men.  As women become more and more aggressive in their dress and demeanor, they subconsciously assert an unhealthy level of control over men that disables men’s normal sexual response to attractive women.  Combine that unhealthy environment with male-female relationships wherein women constantly challenge the authority of the men, and we have a recipe for sexual dysfunction.

While that sexual dysfunction may include sexual aggression, I believe it more often than not results in a decreased ability to perform. Especially when combined with hostile, aggressive and disrespectful mannerisms that have become widely acceptable for women to display toward men in our culture.

Though my findings are hardly scientific, I’ve spoken with a number of married female friends who have encountered for extended periods of time their husband’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection. All of these women were dissatisfied with their husbands’ performance in other areas of their marital lives, and they weren’t afraid to express their discontent in both verbal and non-verbal ways.  They loved their husbands in theory, but in practice they were not accustomed to showing respect when they didn’t feel like it.

Solving the Problem of Male Impotence

We’re only skimming the surface when we talk about the issues surrounding male erectile dysfunction.  It is a complex problem that most likely developed over time, the result of an attack waged on your mind, body and soul.  As such, it requires a holistic solution.

Eliminating stress and toxins, learning healthy communication within the male-female relationship, and consuming proper nutrients are all key to reclaiming healthy and vibrant sexual function.  We certainly can’t expect the world around us to become a healthier place – women to begin dressing and behaving properly, or manufacturers to begin using cleaner methods of production.  But we can make better choices for ourselves.

Listen to your inner voice and don’t fall prey to the deception of your eyes or the temptations of aggressive women.  Choose your sexual partners wisely so that you don’t create life-long connections with someone who will belittle, demean, or otherwise work against your efforts at providing for your children.  Avoid using toxic chemicals in your home so that you can create a clean refuge where your body can gain rest from toxic overload in your external environment.  Learn basic cooking skills so that you can create your own healthy meals using high quality ingredients not found in most restaurants today.

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You may face opposition in this quest for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.  Most of our parents were raised in an age when processed convenience foods were introduced as a healthy way to save time, so your own mother may frown upon your desire to abandon her trusted brands.  If you have a wife, she may not be willing to change her habits so quickly.  But if you take the initiative to make these changes and stick to your resolve, sooner or later others will begin to take note.  So don’t wait.  Go get your swagger back!

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