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Treating Heat Exhaustion

Benefits of being in nature: Workout routines for the outdoors

Going to your local gym can be easy, well structured and full of people you know. But sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and let nature be our gym. I have found that I often have a skin glow…

0 Comments / June 2, 2015

Fat burning juicing recipes

7 Juicing Recipes for Working Out: Burn fat, build muscle

7 Juicing Recipes for Working Out Burn fat, build muscle Juicing recipes for energy Juicing is a wonderful way to cleanse the body.  But did you know it’s also beneficial for protecting and building muscle, as well as burning fat? …

0 Comments / March 3, 2014

best-butt-exercises, Best Glute Exercises

Best Glute Exercises: The All Natural Butt Lift!

Best Glute Exercises Best Glute Exercises – Brazilian Butt Lift?  Forget about it!  Recently my best friend ever turned me on to the most enlightening information about lifting, bulking, toning, and sculpting a beautiful backside.  After my third child I…

0 Comments / February 15, 2014

Benefits of Stretching

5 Benefits of Stretching: Benefits of Stretching at Work

Benefits of Stretching Stretching is an exercise in its own right, and very important to keep our muscles supple and our joints flexible.  But too often we hurry through our workouts and don’t take proper time to stretch.  This can…

0 Comments / January 3, 2014

How to run in cold weather

7 Keys to Running in the Winter

Running in Winter Cold weather of winter months can be hard on the joints, and no one knows this better than runners.  A little cool air can be refreshing, but when temperatures dip it can be difficult to get warmed…

0 Comments / January 1, 2014

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