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Start a New Business While Working a Job

Start a New Business While Working a 9 – 5 New Business: Is your job strangling the life out of you? Many people dream of leaving their nine-to-five jobs to start their own businesses. I myself worked in corporate America…

0 Comments / February 24, 2016

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Jumpstart Your Career Change – 21 Day Blitz!

Jumpstart Your Career Change Career Change: If you’re looking to change your life there is no better way than to start with your career. Changing daily routines and habits can be difficult for anyone, so try doing one or all of…

0 Comments / February 4, 2016

Game of Choices II Memes


Funniest Memes What is a meme – an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. It acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals,…

0 Comments / January 24, 2016

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Career Cruising – Career Cruising Fun!

Career Cruising Career Cruising and the changing environment: The world we live in is more complex than ever. It takes more than a top notch education to have the career and life you want.  A successful career not only requires…

0 Comments / January 19, 2016

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7 Important life decisions you can make

A GAME OF CHOICES is what we play. Life is filled with choices and decisions. We can view it as circumstance, but in reality we always have choices. Even in life and death situations we have a choice. In the…

0 Comments / January 13, 2016

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