how to age gracefully

How to Age Gracefully

by / 0 Comments / October 22, 2013

How to Age Gracefully

Aging can be a difficult challenge in this youth obsessed culture.

The truth is we begin aging the minute we are birthed. Our environment, family, what we choose to eat and ultimately how we choose to take care of ourselves will have the most significant impact on our aging rate. Many times age results in some health challenges when we fail to take care of ourselves – obesity, heart disease, arthritis and other health issues become the norm rather than the exception.

The reality is we can do a lot to look younger, feel energetic and, more importantly, age gracefully.
First you must make a decision to take control of your life. You must take responsibility to stimulate your mind, feed your body the super foods it needs and take care of your spirit.

Western culture has a narrow view of beauty. Whether that’s eye color, hair color, hair length, hair texture, facial features, height, skin tone and body type, people define themselves by a standard that most often changes every few years. It used to be that skinny was “in,” but now a more curvy woman is the prototype.

Nevertheless beauty has many shapes, sizes and skin tones and we must first accept who we are if we want to age gracefully.

On the flip side, we’ve all seen the horror effects of someone who couldn’t accept their looks or how they were aging – only to get multiple plastic surgeries, creating a cartoonish image of what they used to be.  Laugh if you will, but the road down plastic surgery extremism happens one procedure at a time.

Cosmetic surgery is truly a personal decision that shouldn’t be entered into lightly.  One thing to consider is how you will maintain the look you are trying to achieve?  Breast augmentation, butt enhancements, eye lifts, liposuction, and all other surgical beauty interventions can regress or even look worse than before if the patient is not willing to make proper lifestyle adjustments to maintain muscle and skin tone.

Often these lifestyle changes – such as eating healthy and working out – can provide a lift and glow that no surgery could ever provide.

These days women and men alike struggle with body image as they age, but it’s important to focus on what really matters, and that’s internal health.  When you focus on being internally healthy in mind, body and soul, it will transform the external into a truly attractive and marvelous new you.

First Steps to Aging Gracefully:
1. Accept who you are: While there is nothing wrong with taking care of your teeth and getting the best out of your body by working out, becoming obsessed with your external appearance will only make matters worse.
2. Maintain and even improve your physical health. Go to great lengths to become fit!  Make exercising a habit, then a lifestyle.
3. Associate with those who appreciate all of you, not just the physical you. Being around shallow people will ultimately affect who you are.

Fine Wine
I can say from a man’s point of view that there is something to be said when you see a woman who is wise in her years and you can clearly see she has taken care of herself. She is graceful, full of wisdom, and has the experience of knowing what clothes look good on her body and what does not fare her well. Well aged women many times look impeccable due to the fact they have had many years of practice.

Well aged men, also understand grooming habits, are very comfortable in conversation, are usually more financially stable and can still stay in shape with the best of them.

There many benefits to aging and we must embrace them!

3 Things to do to Improve your Appearance as you Age

  1. Grooming: A new hairstyle, proper oral hygiene program and skin products can do wonders for the aging process.
  2. Fluid Intake: Our bodies are 70% water and one of the best things we can do is drink at least half our body weight in water a day. Benefits include healthier and younger looking skin, more energy and many times a better looking body.
  3. Personal Style: One of the benefits of aging is financial stability. Take some of that hard earned cash and buy a new wardrobe that matches your body, personality and style.

While aging can be a struggle, it can also be a wonderful experience if we embrace who we are and what we look like and choose to make the best of it.

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