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Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Myths

Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Myths and Remedies Erectile Dysfunction the hidden killer. Based on the research by the  University of Illinois – McKinley Health Center  in January 2016 there are several factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction and overall issues in male…

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Low Libido – Boron & 5 Natural Cures

A Healthy Libido Are you suffering with a low libido? Can’t knock it out the park like you used to? If you’re in a committed relationship (marriage) and find that your sex life leaves much to be desired, it’s likely that…

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Low Testosterone and Sleep Quality

Low Testosterone and How Sleep Is The Culprit Improve athletes performance and maximize your manhood with proper sleep Sleep is crucially important for overall health and testosterone production. The majority of your testosterone is being produced while you’re sleeping. Low…

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BASICS OF TESTOSTERONE – Testosterone Levels by Age Chart and Natural Remedies

Testosterone Levels Basics and Normal Testosterone Levels By Age 9 Natural Remedies For Low Testosterone Levels and Why You Must Maintain Your Masculinity UNDERSTANDING TESTOSTERONE IS THE KEY TO MAXIMIZING YOUR ENERGY LEVELS What is a normal testosterone level for a…

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The Amazing “Cure-All” GAPS Healing Diet

Join the Souletics Natural Health Email List! If you’re interested in learning more about which nutritional protocol and other measures I’m taking to treat and heal psoriasis, then sign up below and I’ll gladly keep you in the loop! Name:…

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