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7 steps to eating more whole foods

7 Steps to Eating Whole Foods

Eating Whole Foods If your idea of a healthy breakfast is a low fat pop tart and a cup of coffee on the go, chances are the concept of eating a diet of whole foods seems pretty unrealistic and a…

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Fight bad breath naturally

Fighting Bad Breath: Oral Health Home Remedies

Fighting Bad Breath Oral Health Home Remedies Bad breath is often a symptom of a dry mouth — a condition known as “xerostomia.” Other symptoms of this problem include thick saliva, split skin at the corners of your mouth, and…

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how to whiten teeth naturally

Good Oral Health: Whiten Teeth Naturally

Good Oral Health Want to brighten your smile?  No need for expensive dental treatments or chemical-laden drugstore kits.  We’ve got you covered with three natural methods to give you the pearly whites you desire. Home Remedies for Cleaning Stained Teeth…

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Healthy Alternative Beverages

5 Healthy Beverages: Healthy Alternative to Soda and Alcohol

Healthy Beverages If you’re struggling to lose those extra pounds due to an over abundance of sugary or alcoholic drinks in your diet, we have five alternatives for your consideration. Ideally the majority of liquids consumed on a daily basis…

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Natural Treatment for Eczema

Home Remedies for Eczema

Join the Souletics Natural Health Email List! If you’re interested in learning more about which nutritional protocol and other measures I’m taking to treat and heal psoriasis, then sign up below and I’ll gladly keep you in the loop! Name:…

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