Fight bad breath naturally

Fighting Bad Breath: Oral Health Home Remedies

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Fighting Bad Breath

Oral Health Home Remedies

Bad breath is often a symptom of a dry mouth — a condition known as “xerostomia.” Other symptoms of this problem include thick saliva, split skin at the corners of your mouth, and difficulty speaking and swallowing.

Most xerostomia is related to medication. Many prescription medications affect the mouth, more specifically the saliva glands. Also, some over-the-counter medications cause dry mouth.

Tobacco, alcohol, snoring and breathing with your mouth open can all aggravate dry mouth.

Fighting Bad Breath:

Ways to Improve a dry mouth:
Drink water regularly
Breath through your nose
Eat fruit throughout the day
Pay attention to dental hygiene

Cleanse a Bacteria Build Up
Another common cause of bad breath is from bacteria sticking to the tongue papillae. Because every person has a different tongue texture – some have longer papillae than others – some people suffer from halitosis caused by bacteria a little more easily. Additionally, dietary factors can cause a candida buildup in the body, manifesting in a thick white substance on the tongue that can’t be scraped off. An overgrowth of candida can be addressed with strict dietary changes, antifungal foods and probiotics.

Otherwise, bacterial build up that doesn’t go away with a normal tongue scraper can be removed by coating the toothbrush with sea salt and scrubbing the tongue thoroughly (but not so hard as to damage the taste buds). This will typically keep the tongue clean for 24 hours or longer and rid the mouth of bad breath!

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