how to whiten teeth naturally

Good Oral Health: Whiten Teeth Naturally

by / 0 Comments / October 15, 2013

Good Oral Health

Want to brighten your smile?  No need for expensive dental treatments or chemical-laden drugstore kits.  We’ve got you covered with three natural methods to give you the pearly whites you desire.

Home Remedies for Cleaning Stained Teeth

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
Mix baking soda with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to create a toothpaste-like consistency. Be careful not to use too much hydrogen peroxide as it can cause your gums to burn. Use the mixture as you would your usual toothpaste.

Another method is to start with a hydrogen peroxide rinse – one part hydrogen peroxide to one part water.  Then immediately follow up by brushing your teeth with a mixture of one part baking soda to one part toothpaste, moistened with a little bit of water.  After three days of this treatment (2X per day) you should notice your teeth becoming whiter.

Foods That Whiten Teeth
Celery, carrots, apples and pears trigger saliva, which scrubs away stains on your teeth, according to Saliva is also known to neutralize the acid that causes tooth decay, an added bonus.

Floss on a daily basis to rid your smile of stain-causing substances that get caught between your teeth.  Additionally, it’s important to floss at least once every 24 hours, as it takes about 24 hours for the bacteria that causes tooth decay to produce its glue-like substance that helps them stick to the teeth.  Flossing every 24 hours (or more) prevents the bacteria to do its damage.  Floss is the only way to clean between the teeth where the teeth touch, or the gums between the teeth.  By disturbing this bacteria in the gums, it also helps prevent gum disease.

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