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slow cooked ribs and red beans & rice recipe

The Slow Food Movement: Grass Fed Beef Ribs and Red Beans & Rice Deliciousness

Call it comfort food.  Call it Southern. Call it what you want, we call it the best night ever when this meal is on the table.  Now I’ve had ribs at plenty of barbecue cookouts, but too many people waste…

0 Comments / December 19, 2015

Grain free graham crackers recipe

Crispety Crunchy Grain Free Graham Crackers Recipe

Going grain free has been one of the most dreaded long term investments I’ve ever made.  I love carbohydrates, especially the kind that are full of wheat, sugar, and yes, gluten.  But starting the GAPS diet at the first of…

0 Comments / March 15, 2015

sour gummies recipe

Super Yummy Sour Punch Gummies – GAPS Sweets!

These sweet and sour gummy “candies” were a GAPS life saver in my house!  They are 100% GAPS legal (even Intro legal!), 100% delicious, and they even provide a little extra collagen and protein for your body to enjoy.  But…

0 Comments / February 5, 2015

Juicing on a budget, how to juice on a budget

Juicing on a Budget: Juicing for health without breaking the bank

I’m always skeptical about health fads, but the juicing trend is probably one of the best health waves that has come about in a long time.  You might have noticed grocery stores offering cold pressed juice bars and even pre-packaged…

0 Comments / October 2, 2014

gluten free skillet cornbread

Gluten Free Skillet Cornbread

Gluten Free Skillet Cornbread It used to be that we couldn’t eat dinner without a side of homemade cornbread or biscuits.  We’ve since turned over a new healthy leaf and decided to regard bread as a treat, so we save…

0 Comments / July 25, 2014

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