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Relationship Advice For Men

by / 0 Comments / July 2, 2015

Relationship Advice For Men

“Take a step back.  Evaluate what is important, your family, your faith, your legacy, and enjoy life.”

I’m not one to be a relationship expert, but what I can say is too often men evaluate relationships at face value. Meaning we often make an initial reaction based on physical looks, and this can even carry a lot more weight than any other characteristic. In the world we live in this is a BIG mistake, now more than than ever. We live in a society that places an enormous amount of energy, dollars, and media behind physical looks.

Ad teams hold detailed meetings on what men like and what makes them move… and they deliberate all but 5 minutes. The conclusion?  A “beautiful woman.”  Men are the targets of commercials and predatory women alike. You might be wondering where I’m going, I am thinking the same thing, as I’m wondering how much hot water I’m getting myself in!  Nevertheless, all this focus on the physical characteristics of women has men making decisions that can be detrimental.

The reality is there is so much more to a woman than her physical beauty. The questions one must ask quite possibly should be centered around the internal infrastructure of a woman.

  • How does she behave in difficult times?
  • Has she ever experienced difficult times?
  • What is her ideology?
  • What is her belief system?
  • How does her intelligence converge with mine?
  • Do we truly have the same ideals?
  • How can my gifts, resources and ideas assist her?
  • What are her gifts and how can they assist me?
  • Is she willing to give?
  • Am I willing to give to her based on who she is and not what she looks like?

I’ve talked to so many people that ignored religion or a belief system only to find out later what a mistake that was, as it was a major straw that separated the relationship. What happens when you have children?  One person may be an atheist while the other has faith in God. In the short term these relationships tend to function but overtime more often than not it fails. My point, it would be wise to join together with someone whom you share the SAME belief system.

So from a man’s standpoint there is so much more to a woman than her looks. And often success or failure of the relationship will be found somewhere behind the nice outfit, perfect breasts, fit body, nice hair and beautiful skin. While all that is nice… your legacy will need much more than a nice package.



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