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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil: Super Food Supplement

by / 2 Comments / October 15, 2013

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil -Benefits Cod Liver Oil

We’re not big on taking supplements, but rather strive to obtain all of our nutrients from eating a whole food diet.  However, there are a few whole food type supplements that we find extremely beneficial, as the vitamin content is difficult to achieve through our modern food supply.  This is on the top of our list!

If your childhood memories include a Grandmother feeding you a spoonful of cod liver oil to fight off ailments, trust that you were in good hands with Grandma.  She knew from traditional wisdom what a powerhouse of nutrients that little bit of oil contains.

Aside from being a great daily supplement for healthy individuals to strengthen bones and teeth, assist the cardiovascular and digestive systems and ward off a host of ailments, cod liver oil has also been known to treat arthritis, high cholesterol and heart disease, mental conditions, as well as for supporting the body’s development through pregnancy and childhood.

In recent years, alternative health practitioners have begun a debate on the virtues of cod liver oil, based on the ratios of Vitamin A to Vitamin D, as well as the destruction of nutrients due to heating and over processing by some manufacturers.

The most thorough coverage of the cod liver oil debate is contained on the Weston A. Price Foundation’s website.  The WAPF have championed the benefits of cod liver oil, and have the most comprehensive information about its benefits, potential harms, manufacturing practices, which brands to choose, and how much should be consumed for good health.

According to the WAPF site, their recommended brands include:

BEST (Available Online/Mail Order):

GOOD (and available in Stores):

  • Carlson soft gel Cod Liver Oil Super 1,000 mg capsules
  • Nature’s Answer liquid cod liver oil
  • NOW double strength Cod Liver Oil capsules
  • Sonne’s Cod Liver Oil
  • Swanson double strength Cod Liver Oil capsules
  • Twin Labs non-emulsified liquid Cod Liver Oil

For appropriate dosages, click here.  And see the references below for more information from the WAPF about cod liver oil.


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