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Super Hero – How To Be Your Own SuperHero

by / 0 Comments / August 4, 2016

The Super Hero In You

In modern popular fiction, a superhero (or super hero) is usually a type of costumed heroic character who possesses supernatural or superhuman powers and is hopefully dedicated to fighting crime, evil or the oppressor. This may include protecting the public, standing up for the weak, and setting a positive example. Most often they battle a super natural force or crazed sociopath set on destroying the human race.

In reality by most definitions, superhero characters do not require actual supernatural or superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes. We all have superhero capabilities, but often we need to be reminded of just how powerful we can be when moved by purpose.

Here are several ways to to become your own superhero:

  1. Find a purpose – find your why. Is it your family, your heart’s desire, social issue or something different?
  2. Develop a physical exercise program – it is difficult to do anything when you don’t have the physical strength or energy to accomplish what you desire.
  3. Develop a daily prayer/meditation practice that focuses on speaking positive affirmations about yourself and others.
  4. Be involved in politics – Yes, get involved. But instead of choosing a side, think of how you can build a bridge that focuses on respect, equality and safety for all people.
  5. Humility – Simple never think you’re better than anyone else and never think less of yourself than anyone.
  6. Be prepared to be alone – Superheroes are special, so at some point they go through a time of ridicule. Don’t let this get to you. Criticism is usually a sign that you are different and unique.
  7. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations – Discomfort is usually when you learn the most and grow.
  8. Learn how to heal yourself – Learn simple home remedies that make a huge difference! click here for home remedies
  9. Eat healthy food that includes fruits, vegetables and high quality proteins.
  10. Drink only water – Eliminate soda, colored drinks and alcohol!
  11. Dream big!
  12. Take Action – superheroes don’t wait for others. They take responsibly for their current circumstances and seek to change them.
  13. Take a probiotic – Gut health is essential to optimal health. Probiotics put good bacteria in your body boosting your immune system and overall vitality. Click here for our probiotic product!
  14. 70% of the population is micro nutrient deficient – Seek out high quality supplements and take them daily.
  15. Run the race of life everyday as if you will win – Here is a great product Super Male Optimizer that gives men the micro nutrients, trace minerals and herbs that support you in running the race of life like a winner!

Take action you have everything you need inside you to accomplish your heart’s desires.

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