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Juicing on a budget, how to juice on a budget

Juicing on a Budget: Juicing for health without breaking the bank

I’m always skeptical about health fads, but the juicing trend is probably one of the best health waves that has come about in a long time.  You might have noticed grocery stores offering cold pressed juice bars and even pre-packaged…

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organic gardening tools

Basics of Organic Gardening: Tools of the Trade

Basics of Organic Gardening If you’re dreaming of your very own organic garden but don’t know where to begin, here’s a quick list of the tools you’ll need: Shovel Spading fork Leaf rake Bow rake Leather garden gloves Pruning shears…

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Installing an Aquaponics System

Backyard Aquaponics: Where to Learn About and Get Help Installing an Aquaponics Garden

Backyard Aquaponics Aquaponics is an advanced form of organic gardening and hydroponics that uses fish tanks as both filtration and fertilization, creating a self sustaining symbiotic and completely clean food source without the need for large space or resources.  It…

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Advances in Organic Gardening: Aquaponics – Organic Gardening for Beginners

Organic Gardening for Beginners Don’t let the biotechnology industry fool you.  Advances in agriculture don’t have to involve scientists splicing genes from animals and viruses and inserting them into our food supply.  Contrary to what they want you to believe,…

0 Comments / April 11, 2013

4 Soul Lessons from Organic Gardening: Benefits of Organic Gardening

Benefits of Organic Gardening After a number of years’ hiatus from gardening, I recently seized the opportunity to plant some leafy greens in two small plots of our back yard.  I ambitiously added a few tomato plants to the endeavor,…

0 Comments / March 26, 2013

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