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Work Out Exercises: Recommendation by Damon

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Work Out Exercises

Proper physical training for even the most elite performers consists of an explosive training regime, which may include plyometrics, sprints, and power lifts like squats, cleans and snatches. You will also need to focus on a your cardiovascular fitness, which can be included in your explosive training regime. And last but not least is a stretching and muscle strengthening routine that builds strength while also broadening your range of motion.

What do I mean by this? It makes no sense to be able to squat 500 pounds if you have very little range of motion or flexibility. Strength without applicable range of power use will be of no use.

Below is a simple program that even an elite athlete can use.

The difference is when you are training to perform in an athletic event or sport, you get more specialized, meaning you tailor your training to that particular sport or event. In order for maximal transfer of skill to occur, you must practice the specific skill exactly as it will be recalled on the test (or game, competition, etc.). This principle is simple in theory, yet rarely practiced. Malcolm Gladwell says most musical geniuses, dancers and athletes have spent 10,000 hours in their area of expertise. I have provided a training regime to develop a strong, explosive, healthy and athletic body, but you will still need to train in your area of choice to develop specific skills.

Souletic Movement™ is a wonderful way to develop great flexibility and strength, in addition to being a great place to calm the mind.

Cardiovascular training: You can combine power training with cardio, but if time permits always allow separate time for cardio. The best cardio is running short to mid level sprints, 50-400meters. If you are unable to run, a stationary bike is great and easier on the knees, or stair climbers can also help until you build the leg strength to start running.

Power training: The best power and strengthening lift is the back squat, followed by hang cleans, front squats and snatches.

Cross Functional Training: This is basically combining all three elements: Yoga Practice, Cardio Training and power (explosive) training into one workout.

Simple Training Routine to Develop a Body Prepared To Perform

Monday:  Souletic Movement™ (Repeat Flow Section Twice for a full 60 minute workout) and specialty focus day (Work on a specific skill, if applicable)

Tuesday: 30 minutes of high intensity cardio – Sprints, Stationary Bike or Concept Rower 5000 meters, plus 4 sets of 10-20 pull ups.

Wednesday, Option 1: Cross Functional Training Gym – 15 minutes on a stationary bike at high intensity, 10 minutes on the Concept Rower for 2500 meters in 10 minutes, 3 sets of 15 leg curls, 4 sets of 8 squats at a comfortable weight and 4 sets of 10 box jumps.

Wednesday, Option 2: Cross Functional Training Outside Track – 2 lap jog warm up, 6-200 meter sprints 80% or 10-100 meter sprints (45 second rest between each sprint), 5 sets of 25 push ups immediately after sprints, 200 meters of lunges

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Cross Functional Training Gym or Outside (Repeat Wednesday’s workout)

Saturday: Souletic Movement™, specialty focus day (Work on a specific skill if applicable)

Sunday: Rest or Souletic Movement™ (If body allows, this can be a specialty day)

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