7 things for young men to improve their health

Youth Obesity: Young Men 7 Things to do Right Now to Improve your Health

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Youth Obesity

According to the World Health Organization, more than 2.6 million young people aged 10 to 24 die each year, mostly due to preventable causes.  And the CDC has found that some of the top health risks for young people in this age range include smoking, obesity, and lack of regular exercise.  Apparently, it’s a misconception to think that youth equates to better health.

Stop Drinking – Alcohol is becoming more of a consumed beverage than the water for the young man. Especially in Urban communities the 40 Malt liquor has become the beverage of choice. Not only are you doing damage to your liver and body but your slowly becoming an alcoholic. Eliminate liquor and see the benefit of losing weight, more energy, clarity in thought and most importantly better overall health without the risk of dying young.

Stop Smoking – 40 years of research on the negative affects of tobacco. Should be enough to convince you!
No more Fast food- Fast has longed been considered the anti food. In reality fast food is high in calories, processed junk that has no real nutritional value. Implement fruits, vegetables, high water intake and a balance protein diet.

Go to bed before 11:30 PM – lack of rest , will cause you to age faster, lack focus and have the energy to benefit from being youthful. Spend your youthful years working hard and playing frequently.

Start practicing yoga – Yoga will give you the balance your looking for, reduce stress and strengthen your body.

Pray – Start the day or end the day with a prayer and meditation

Read or listen to something positive daily – Listening to positive music, inspirational messages and speakers will get your mind visualizing about the possibilities life has to offer.

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